What Makes an Outstanding Teacher?

by Lance Dy, 6A (Hoofprint)
Artwork by Ms. Angela Dianne M. Agustin, Gr2 Teacher and Hoofprint Moderator

There are many teachers in the world, but each of them uses different methods when teaching. Some like to keep students attentive by trying to be funny and making jokes in class. Some explain a lot when teaching lessons. Some apply brilliant tactics that encourage students to practice self-discipline. But I believe that the most important traits and characteristics that make a perfect teacher go way beyond these examples.

The first trait that makes an outstanding teacher is the virtue of patience. Exceptional teachers must have enough patience to deal with students properly. Without patience, nothing would be accomplished in class. If the teacher is short-tempered, he or she would get mad easily and the class would be delayed in the lesson on the subject.

Another trait that makes an outstanding teacher is being kind-hearted and caring. Being the students’ second parents in school, teachers should have a generous, approachable, and caring personality—very similar to how parents are when dealing with their sons and daughters at home.

Last but not the least, an outstanding teacher is inspirational. He or she should be able to feed students’ minds and keep them interested in learning about the subject even beyond what is being taught in class. A great teacher fosters a love of learning and curiosity in his or her students.

Having been a student here for close to seven years, I can confidently say that I have consistently found these traits in Xavier School teachers.

Even though some could be stricter than others, while others have the knack for making their classes entertaining and funny, and others teach in a straightforward manner, one thing remains the same: Xavier teachers always make us students feel welcome in their classes. They also make school feel like home because the various activities that they give us help us become well-rounded. We get to develop individually and discover ourselves, while learning to become men for others.

Our teachers are also very open for discussions with students—always ready to lend an ear when we need clarifications on our lessons, or just want to talk about any topic under the sun. They always smile, and never fail to give you their full attention. This shows that they enjoy interacting with you, and truly care about what you have to say. Students have so much fun and are so warmly welcomed that they forget that they are in school. A better second home could not be found.

Let’s be realistic—no teacher is perfect—but Xavier teachers come pretty close. They may approach teaching in different ways, but the end result is more or less the same. They make us feel that we are cherished and cared for, inspire us to learn and do well, while equipping us with the tools we need to face the real world on our own. Xavier teachers naturally have big hearts and are not afraid to show it. They encourage their students to dream and they actually believe that each student has the potential to achieve his goals. As a popular saying goes: “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart,” and that is what ultimately matters.

To the teachers of Xavier School—thank you for your patience, kindheartedness, caring and inspiration. Thank you for moulding us into who we are today. We are truly grateful for your sacrifices and we hope to make you proud someday. Happy A-Day!

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