Xavier Grade School Celebrates A-Day 2015

by Zander Sy, 6I (Hoofprint)
Photos from Church Uyco (5G) and Vincent Atienza (5D), GS Media Team

With the theme “Dive In and Have Fun, It’s A-Day!”, Xavier School’s Appreciation Day, or A-Day for short, held last September 24, 2015 was a smashing success as teachers and staff definitely dove in and had fun in this year’s celebration, a perfect time for students to show how much they value and love their teachers.

It started with the Holy Mass as a thanksgiving for having knowledgeable, dedicated, and inspiring teachers in our school. It was celebrated by Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ, our School President along with Fr. Xavier Olin, SJ, Fr. Art Borja, SJ, and several other Jesuit priests.

“Do more than help, anticipate.

Do more than know, practice.

Do more than pray, work.”

Fr. Munching De Guzman, SJ left this challenge as he gave an inspiring homily about how special teachers are and what students can do to sincerely honor them. He also taught everyone that there are no victories at bargain prices and each must show love for Christ by taking up one’s cross and following Him each day.

After the mass, the Sports Center, filled with students from Grades 3-6, boomed with excitement as they were all getting ready to cheer and show their appreciation for their teachers through a lively program.

It officially began as the event’s hosts from the TheateriXS took up the stage. Different talents were shown. The Children’s Choir, The Voice Box, and The Classical Guitar Club entertained everyone with their gift of music while the XSMovers performed an energetic dance number. They had the students and teachers practically jumping up and down as they moved excitingly to the tune of “Nae Nae”.

Afterwards, it was time for fun-filled classroom parties where each section prepared a short program for their advisers, class assists, and guests. Some classrooms were decorated with “Happy A-Day!” letterings and banners. Some were enlivened with yellow hanging ribbons and posters to surprise teachers. There were also playing of musical instruments and singing performances. To everyone’s delight, games like Stop Dance were also played. Together, everyone enjoyed a scrumptious merienda that included all-time favorites like doughnuts, barbecues, pizzas, and hotdogs.

Before the morning ended, the Council of Presidents helped in the distribution of gifts at the Student Activity Program (SAP) office. It was a small way of saying “Thank you, Cher!” and as teachers wore big smiles on their faces, it was clear that everyone enjoyed being a part of this activity.

Appreciation Day is celebrated every year but A- Day 2015 was definitely special in its own way. True to the theme, everyone got to “dive in” and had fun. Our teachers had fun with the entertainment and other surprises while the students had fun preparing everything for them. All the teachers deserved such a memorable break after all their hard work throughout the year.


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