Xavier School’s I Walk With You Campaign: A Big Leap of Involvement

by Enrico Paragas, G10A and Alexander Go, G10B
Photos by Geoffrey Miles L. Mercado, High School Faculty – IBDP Psychology

When there’s a whole race of individuals being displaced and/or die because of extremely difficult circumstances, it’s hard not to take notice. There are four million Syrians halfway around the world, in sorrow and plagued with death. Last October 8, Thursday, the Xavier community, in solidarity with the refugees and marginalized, took heed to their plight and participated in the activity-campaign called I Walk With You spearheaded by Young Christian Life Community (YCLC) and Lingkod committee of Xavier.

The activity gave Xaverians — students, faculty and staff alike, an opportunity to walk in conjunction and coherence with the plight, struggle, and journey of the refugees. The event begun at the new Sacred Heart Chapel with a mass offered to the refugees suffering around the world, continuing with a journey that spanned all corners of Xavier starting at the patio and ending at the atrium. The participants at each stop recited an event in the sorrowful mystery, recognizing and sympathizing with the plight of the innocent civilians caught in the crosshairs of their war and deprived of land and wealth who chose to go to another land to seek asylum only to be denied or turned away. We, as a Xavier community, prayed for the alleviation of their sorrow and suffering, hoping that they see a brighter tomorrow.

The event did not end there though, as the I Walk With You event also marked the beginning of a fund-raising campaign held this week. From October 12 to 16,  the Lingkod Committee and the Xavier YCLC set-up a stall at the high school canteen for the United Nations Refugee Agency, which provides refugees with urgently-needed humanitarian relief, calling the Xavier community to help those in need.

It has been more than a month since 3 year old Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian boy, was found dead, washed ashore on a beach in Turkey. Many refugees of the world are still in danger and are in dire need of help. In light of that, the committees are calling for more donations of any amount that can alleviate their misery. Any amount donated to the accounting office will do to change others’ lives.

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