Youngest Fencer Wins Bronze in the Foil Category

by Mrs. Jennifer Go (mother of Bryan Go); photo also provided by Mrs. Go

Excitement was high in the recently concluded 3rd Xavier Fencing Cup held on October 11, 2015.  Individual bouts were held in the morning building up tension for the team events towards the afternoon.  Xavier participated in individual and team events for both Saber and Foil categories.

Unfazed by competition, Bryan Gillian T. Go, the youngest fencer of the brood, proudly bagged a bronze medal and shared the spotlight with a student from British School Manila.

For a boy who dreams of being a Jedi knight, learning the basics of sportsmanship and hard work will make fencing more than just a fictitious character, but a probable reality.

Thank you to all the parents and sponsors behind the successful 3rd Xavier Cup!

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