Chevron Week of Caring at FPTI – ERDA Tech

Pictures by Mr. Peter Marc D. Magsalin, Principal, FPTI – ERDA Tech

Two fifth-year students of FPTI – ERDA Tech share their thoughts and feelings about the recent visit of Chevron personnel and volunteers to their school.

Chevron Cares
by Hermie Dawn I. Salmon, V – Masigasig, FPTI – ERDA Tech

The strong bond and partnership between FPTI – ERDA Tech and Chevron has been going on for many years now. Our tie-up with them has proven to be a very big help for the growth and development of our beloved community and will expectedly continue for many more years.

The Chevron family was really generous to have donated all of our new tools and even volunteer to help paint our workshops. Indeed, my fellow students and I had fun mingling with the volunteers and painting our own shops.

Some of us even discovered new techniques in painting, finding out ways to coat it evenly, and create an even brighter shade of color. Aside from that, we even had a chance to befriend our Chevron volunteers, chatting and joking with them during the activity.

We entertained them as we painted walls and we had fun introducing our dear school to them and showing off our own accomplishments, giving them a sense of understanding of just how unique and important our school is.

They were also quite amazed to find out the noble mission of our own founder, Fr. Tritz, and they were even more astounded to find out that Fr. Tritz is still very strong and still very willing to help disadvantaged Filipino youth despite his old age, which we are very proud of.

We also had a chance to showcase our talents and hospitality in the short time we were given. During our break time we had our very own mini-concert which featured the very good singers among us; of course it would not be complete without the Chevron volunteers sharing their own talents which undeniably astonished all of us ERDAnians.

All in all, the event was successful and very memorable, definitely something worth treasuring, and we hope that this will not be the last.


A Blessing Called Chevron
by Veronica Anne G. Ama, V – Mahinahon, FPTI – ERDA Tech

Last September, my fellow fifth-year students and I had a chance to meet a new set of people already immersed in the world of work. In this activity called “Chevron Week of Caring”, two students were assigned to one Chevron volunteer. The Chevron group not only helped us students improve the workshops but also shared their experiences and gave us advice. Likewise, the volunteers from Chevron learned much from the our sharing.

The day started with a short program on how the participants would go about the various tasks. Luckily the Chevron team donated a new set of tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) which we could use. We shared with our Chevron partners the background of the school and how its founder, Fr. Pierre Tritz, achieved his mission to help children despite the challenges that he faced. We also explained the different specializations and what kinds of work were being done. The Chevron volunteers were amazed with the fact that the girls of ERDA Tech could also perform the tasks which the young men usually did.

While we were painting the walls of the workshop, we took the chance to ask our partners from Chevron some questions about working in a real-world setup. We were told that in work there is no perfect person or job because the only thing one should do is to love and enjoy what one is doing. We were advised to remember three things: our faith in God, our education, and our ambition.

Everyone had fun and learned much from the activity. We are really thankful to the Chevron team for always supporting our school, and so it is the ERDAnians’ earnest hope that Chevron will continue to be blessed as it in turn spreads its blessings to others.

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