XS Nuvali: When Gen-X raises millenials (First XSPA-N sponsored forum)

Mrs. Jill Tumbaga, XSN Grade 3 parent
The attendees listen intently to the speakers. Photos courtesy of Mrs. Edwina Garchitorena, XSPA-N Vice Chairperson

The very first XPA-N sponsored parent forum finally pushed through last November, 7, 2015 after being cancelled from it’s original schedule back in September due to a long weekend holiday. The parenting talk, which was entitled “WHEN GEN X RAISES MILLENIALS: FAMILY CHALLENGES TODAY,” was conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Evalle, or fondly known as Tito Tibbs and Tita Vangie. They have been married for 33 years and are parents to four grown up men. Both of them have been involved in EDUCHILD FOUNDATION (Education for the Upbringing of Children) for over 25 years now and serve as its Vice President couple. Although Tito Tibbs & Tita Vangie candidly admitted that they were much older than majority of the 100 parent attendees, it was quite pleasant to see how easily they were able to capture the audience’s attention by their witty exchanges of “husband & wife” banter.

The parenting talk, which was held at the MPC of the newly built David M. Consunji Administration Building, started promptly at 8:30am and was very informative in terms of understanding the “science” of child rearing. It was easier to grasp the parenting concepts, because the speakers first discussed characteristics of parents belonging to different generations — baby Boomers, GEN X and Millenials. By identifying the group the parent belonged to, both mom and dad can now see what parenting principle will work best for them & their children. For example, an authoritative parent will suit a child that accepts reasons behind demands. A permissive parent on the other hand, is high on affection but low on authority.

Through various slides and a couple of touching videos, both speakers were able to re-iterate the value of a parent’s presence in their child’s lives. For example, they showed why the formative years (ages 0-7) are considered the golden age in a child’s life. It is within these years that a child is influenced by the parents 100%, whether it be good or bad. The ability to influence children however, slowly declines as both parent & child age.

Halfway through the forum, the parents were asked to break into small groups to discuss family challenges encountered daily. Technology, a fast paced lifestyle, and different parenting skills were just some of the issues the groups shared. Both speakers were delighted to see that XAVIER SCHOOL NUVALI parents were very active participants when it came to sharing their own personal stories.

To sum it all up, the forum was an excellent avenue for parents to learn & be reminded of the following things: As parents, we should make character development a high priority. We should discipline wisely, teach by example & solve conflicts fairly. If time is an issue, make time for the kids. Lastly, we should love our children with all our hearts, because that love will make them receptive to our guidance. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs on earth, but in exchange it teaches us the meaning of unconditional love.

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