The Apprentice: Xavier Edition! – Dec 7 to 17 HS Canteen

From December 7 to 17, 2015, the High 4 IB Business Management students will be battling out their culinary instincts in this year’s enterprise challenge, “The Apprentice: Xavier Edition.” With their two-year arsenal of business knowledge and skills, the 7 teams, each composed of 10-15 seniors, will be selling their well-crafted food products in the high school canteen.

Expect the following delectable treats from our student-concessionaires:


The Yard
Ever wondered what brings all the boys to the yard? This milkshake hub will definitely tell you how, through their ice cream-based smoothies. Their peanut butter flavored one will surely satisfy one’s cravings.


Yeah Mien!
Easily travel to Singapore, Thailand, and Japan, one bite at a time. Yeah Mien! will be bringing the flavors of Asia to your palette as you slurp through this modern take of classic Asian favorites, which will definitely make you say: “Yeah, Mien!”


Just Grilled
Looking for a quick classic filler? Just Grilled has the homemade sandwiches grilled to perfection just for you, with a hefty chicken, ham or tuna filling.


Chop City
Whether chicken or pork, Chop City might have the sweetest deal just for you. Inexpensive Taiwanese-style chops, with rice and a drink as a full meal option, will definitely cover for your protein needs.


Metro Subs
This is probably the fastest way to move around the metro. These city-themed panini-pressed subs will make you swoon for their gourmet flavors. Try out the BGC (Bacon Grilled Cheese), which features candied bacon.


With a basketball meets Japanese cuisine vibe, Halftime is ready to serve you with their katsu-style gains, and your option to add grains. Check out their real MVP: The Steph’s Curry.


7th C
What if there was a 7th C? Well, this entrepreneurial group claims that the newest C should be for Chicken. Get your quick chicken fix, as 7th C offers chunky chicken poppers, coated with the flavor of your choice, to satisfy your cravings.

Who among these 7 groups is cut out to become the next Xavier Apprentice? Watch out!

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