Council of Presidents and Lingkod Committee Hold Block Screening

Tristan Tiu

Last November 21, the Council of Presidents and the Lingkod Committee, held a block screening of the film “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” in the Promenade cinemas. This event managed to raise around 40K that would go towards helping fund the feeding program of one of Xavier’s beneficiaries, the ERDA Tech Vocational School.

In line with the goal of helping out ERDA, over 30 students from the school were invited to watch, as well as several of its teachers and administrators. With the 300 seat theatre almost filled out, the Xavier and ERDA communities were not only able to enjoy the riveting movie, but also provide support for ERDA Tech, a vocational school which offered public school students the chance to learn vocational skills such as fixing cars and other basic electronic appliances by the time they graduated high school.

Mr. Marc Magsalin, the principal of ERDA Tech, thanked the school community for its constant support through donations raised from the various different activities this year. Aside from the most recent block screening, he was thankful for the Student Council’s block screening of “Inside Out”, and the Lingkod Committee’s “Poetry for Peace” concert.

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