Xavier Celebrates Feast of Saint Francis Xavier

Tristan Tiu

An annual tradition in Xavier School, December 3 marks the feast day of the school’s patron saint, St. Francis Xavier. Organized for the first time by the newly formed Saint Francis Xavier Committee, the student body would be treated to a unique program where they would experience the different cultures that Saint Francis Xavier had immersed himself into throughout his missionary life. Students were given an insight into the life of our patron saint as they celebrated his life and mission.

The day began at the Sports Center, with an institutional mass presided by the School President, Fr. Aristotle Dy. Leading up to the Mass was the Javierada, a procession where selected students marched from the Saint Francis Xavier statue outside the MPH to the Sports Center, cheering with crosses and noisemakers.

Following this, the students returned back to their classrooms to have a short merienda. They had brought and feasted on different cuisines from countries that Saint Francis Xavier visited, such as Spanish, Italian and Japanese. The next event held was a first for a Saint Francis Xavier celebration, a music festival entitled “Alab”, featuring performances from bands such as 911, JAJ, R16, The Rubberband, and many more.
Regular classes were not held on that day – nonetheless, students were still given a chance to educate themselves on different cultures through the Alternative Class program, which was inspired by how Saint Francis Xavier would immerse himself into the cultures of the places where he preached. Student were given the opportunity to learn the basics of languages such as Bahasa, French and Spanish, as well as learn basic skills in art styles like Manga and African Art, among other fun activities.
The Saint Francis Xavier Committee truly did a great job planning and organizing the many activities that day. The day would be remembered as a welcome break for students and teachers, and an opportunity for the life of our patron saint to be appreciated.

Video by Jarred Co, Jerry Feng and Adrian Co of the XS Media Team.

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