IB Business and Management Entrepreneurial Project: A Food Review

Joaquin Eala (H4H), Stallion features writer

For the past two weeks, senior year International Baccalaureate Business and Management (BM) students undertook their Entrepreneurial Project in the High School Canteen. This event challenged these students to put their business and management knowledge to the test by setting up temporary food stalls in the canteen. While not a BM student myself, I spent my breaks and my allowance feasting on my batch mates’ creations and doing my best to get morbidly obese. That said, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food they’d produced. While there were some things that were hit and miss for me, I was pretty impressed with what my batch mates had churned out.

The first and probably the most unique stall I will be reviewing is The Yard. Like the eponymous song lyric they were named after (My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard), this project sold milkshakes that were a hit among the students. The stall had a variety of flavors available, ranging from common favorites like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, to more uncommon ones like a chocolate-whey milkshake. Comparing the pricing and the quality of ingredients, I was especially pleased with the result. The stall even put real ice cream in their shake. While the group altogether made a pretty good milkshake, I did have a minor problem with the thickness of the milkshake as its consistency wasn’t as thick as I would like.

Metrosub was a personal favorite of mine, while generally it wasn’t as great of a hit among students. Metrosub offered various versions of classic sandwiches; my favorite and their bestseller was the Cubano, a sandwich creation made of pork bits and melted cheese. While simple, the overall product proved to be a dark horse in the running for the best product of the event. In conclusion, Metrosub managed to work with a simple concept and put out a great finished product.

I am a simple kind of person when it comes to what I eat. I don’t place much emphasis on style or presentation as long as the food tastes good. Given that, Just Grilled was a pleasant culinary experience for my taste. Like Metrosub, they served sandwiches, but unlike Metrosub, they specialized in grilled spread sandwiches. While I think Metrosub had the better sandwich in their Cubano, Just Grilled earned their merit through the consistency of their food. Each product of theirs was equally satisfying. Though there wasn’t one clear best like the Cubano for Metrosub, I did have a preference for their chicken pesto sandwich. However, after trying the others I found they all had their unique flavors.

I was a bit apprehensive about Yeah Mien’s noodle bowls. It might have been because of the pricing of their food, which I didn’t think was competitive compared to the pricing of the other stalls. Nevertheless, I can say their takes on international cuisine turned out well, with a few minor concerns. The group worked really hard on their menu, and the range of their food (from Singaporean to Japanese) was clearly a case of well thought-out planning. However, I felt at times that Yeah Mien’s offerings lacked a certain something. That said, I did enjoy the food and I was really full afterwards. Sometimes that’s all you need for a day in school.

There’s a distinct lack of snack foods in my review. Luckily, The 7th C provided just that. The 7th C served bite-sized chicken bits in a variety of flavors and sauces. Personally, I think the group did an excellent job at addressing the niche market for snacks. The flavors they offered like cheese and barbecue proved wonderfully delicious add-ons despite being flavors reserved usually for popcorn.

The basketball themed Half-Time was another one of my personal favorites, owing to their liberal use of puns. With products like a Stephen “Curry,” I couldn’t help but be attracted to their stall. Their take on curry and pork cuts proved to be incredibly delicious but I feel like they really won the event with their unique marketing.

Last but certainly not the least, Chop City proved to be a wondrous success. It won the popular vote of the students. I spent half my lunch break the first time buying food from there. Their only products were pork or chicken chops with an option for rice, though they later added the option for sauce. Despite their brief menu, I found Chop City to be an addicting experience. It was the only stall that persuaded me to buy seconds. Whatever their secrets, I applaud Chop City for really surprising me with the best stall of the event.

As my first and last time reviewing the entrepreneurial prroject, I can safely say that the expererience was a real eye-opener on how we students can use the things we learn in school. I only hope that next year’s event will churn out even more bright ideas from the IB students at Xavier School.

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