Stage FX Presents Duwa (Dalawang Dula)

David Tan (H4I), Stallion Associate Editor
On January 15 and 22, at 7pm in the Xavier School Lecture Hall, Stage FX will be presenting two one-act plays: “Wanted: A Chaperon,” and “Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko.”
“Wanted: A Chaperon” is a period comedy that satirizes old Filipino bourgeoisie families. The play focuses on one family which deals with changes in the cultural norms and traditions of the times. The family’s daughter goes out one night unchaperoned, which leads to a conflict between the traditional values of her companion’s mother; the personal conflict between the more liberal daughter and the conservative mother reflect the changing ethos of Filipino society.
Meanwhile, “Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko” satirizes Martial Law through the portrayal of the Philippine educational system. “Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko” showcases one day in the class of Professor Tuko, whose traditional pedagogical means and outdated lessons and beliefs make life difficult for his students. Behind the play’s humor is a message about the reality faced by Filipino students, who must often cope with the hardships of academic work, the injustice of a broken system, and responsibilities not only in school but at home.
The casting of both plays is as follows:
Wanted: A Chaperon:
– Gab Montoya as Francisco
– Martina Soriano as Petra
– Heintzon Tan as Roberting
– Katrina Ocampo as Nena
– Patrick Corro as Pablo
– Stephen Zagala as Servant
– Morganne Lim as Dolores
– Franco Dytianquin as Fred
Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko
– Dave Calma as Propesor Tuko
– Wade Lim as Bodyok
– Lance Lagamayo as Bondying
– Jaime Sia as Kiko
– Therese Lim as Ningning
For tickets, please contact Matthew Uy at
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