PAXSKUHAN 2015: A Day Worth Coming Back To

Jaime Siy (10B) and Steven Sy (10B), Stallion Writers

Last December 18, 2015, after months of arduous preparation, Xavier School’s Christmas Committee held their final program right before the much awaited Christmas vacation. After a short and stressful third quarter, and with the Christmas break right around the corner, it is no easy feat to get students and teachers to put their longing for the break aside and to immerse themselves in the final day of school, a day dedicated to the celebration of Christmas. However, this year, the Christmas committee, alongside the Production Crew, has done a magnificent job of making the Xavier community feel the Christmas hype. Despite the students’ eagerness to enter the Christmas break, the day’s program was not something to simply overlook, but rather, was a fitting end to the quarter and a perfect beginning of the Christmas season.

The morning began with a program taking place in every classroom, handled by the respective section’s class officers. Together, each class shared a morning of laughs, games, and food. With a program provided by the Christmas committee and food provided by the students, the morning was made a special bonding time for a class that had already shared most of the year with. With a specially made powerpoint, a Christmas ­themed game of charades, as well as a video made about the special type of Christmas celebration seen in the Philippines, the Christmas committee went to great lengths this year to make the classroom program something worth remembering.

Despite the fun of the classroom program, the Christmas committee was able to top that with its concert-­like atmosphere which captivated the entire high school community and set the tone for the rest of the Christmas vacation. With the elaborate yet ornate decorations of parols, Santa figures, and other Christmas themed items as the backdrop of the event it was truly set as one to behold. The mood set was then heightened by the animated hosts, Jian Chan and William Alonzo, who were able to keep the energy levels high with their hilarious puns and jokes while also providing good transitions to further highlight the main acts of the day ­- the performances.

As with the entire Christmas program, the performances were evidently planned and practiced months in advance, with the performers’ hard work culminating in knock­-out performances from Xavier’s best. From a well choreographed performance by our award­-winning dance troupe, Dance X, to a stunning presentation by the likes of homegrown bands like Pugfish and 911, to another stellar song number by Odilon Reyes, and to a universally applauded performance by our own beloved ODS, the performances this year illustrated a perfect semblance of Christmas passion and spirit within the Xavier community. What really set this Christmas party apart, however, was the unexpected appearance and performance by former X-­factor participant and Xavier alumnus, Peter Caimbon who graciously shared his time and talents with the Xavier community. After so many performances, as the Christmas program was winding down, the Christmas committee themselves couldn’t let the day pass without stepping up on stage themselves and delivering their final message of Christmas spirit through a dance number.

This year especially, the Christmas Committee has been able to outdo itself, putting on a beautifully planned and executed program that will live on in the hearts of the students this entire Christmas season. Perfectly captured in the day’s program was the true Christmas spirit that is encapsulated by the special place that the Christmas season has for each and every individual.

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