Xavier Seniors Earn Scholarships to ADMU

Sedrick Keh (11A), Stallion Writer
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Results of the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) were released last Friday, December 18.

The ACET was administered last September 19, 2015 to around 4,500 examinees in various testing centers around the country. This marked a major drop from the number of examinees in the previous years. This drop can be attributed to the fewer number of graduating students due to the additional school years brought about by the K to 12 program.

This year, Xavier School has three Merit Scholars.

CHUA, Ethan Zachary L.
CHUA, Scott L.
TAN, Kevin Keith W.

The Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholarship (AFMS) is an academic scholarship offered by the Ateneo de Manila University to applicants who “have excelled in the Ateneo College Entrance Test, have distinguished themselves in their respective high schools, and who also show great promise for the future” (taken from ADMU website). This is normally awarded to the top 40 applicants, but due to the fewer number of applicants this year, there are only 22 Merit Scholars for SY 2016-2017. A Merit Scholar is entitled to full tuition and fees grant for any undergraduate course of his/her choice.

Meanwhile, 22 Xaverians qualified for the Director’s List. The Director’s List is usually composed of the next 200 applicants (after the Merit Scholars). However, once again, due to the fewer number of applicants, the Director’s List this year comprises of only 115 students. A student who qualifies for the Director’s List is entitled to an annual P50,000 grant in any undergraduate course of his/her choice.

Below is a list of the Xaverians who qualified for the Director’s List (SY 2016-2017)

CHUA, Andrew Jeremy B.
CHUA, Raphael Philip M.
CO, Jarred C.
DI, Sebastian William G.
GO, Kobi Christian S.
GUE, Matthew Leland David Y.
KANG, Kyle Matthew S.
KEH, Spencer Shaun S.
KIU, Louie Nathaniel P.
LAM, Johann Vincent G.
NG, Keff Kalvan L.
NGAN, Montgomery Nathan T.
ORANGA, Nathan Joseph P.
PEREZ, Westin Louie T.
RODRIGUEZ, Chino Angelo L.
SY, Sean Austin M.
TAN, Matthew Ryan A.
TAN, Trenton L.
TIU, Tristan Zachary L.
UY, Jan Michael D.
YOUNG, Jeremy Raphael M.
YUSON, Shaun Felippe Y.

A total of around 2,000 students passed the ACET this year. Results were first posted at the Blue Eagle Gym in ADMU around 10:00AM last Friday and were soon released online.

The full list of scholars can be found here.

List of Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholars for SY 1617

List of Director’s List Scholars for SY 1617

Decisions on College Freshman Applications for SY1617

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