Stallion Releases First 2015-2016 Issue

Ethan Chua (H4I), Stallion Editor-in-chief

Last Dec. 18, 2015, Stallion, the official student publication of Xavier High School, released printed copies of its first 2015-2016 issue for distribution to Stallion members, Xavier faculty, and Xavier offices and the administration, along with its electronic copy.

Download the electronic copy of Stallion’s first issue.

Meanwhile, printed copies of Stallion may be ordered by filling out this form by January 8, 2016. Please be sure to claim your issue on January 15, 2016. Copies are at P150 each:

Finally, to help Stallion improve its quality and content, do answer this short survey:

This marks the first time in several years that Stallion has published. Stallion’s first 2015-2016 issue contains news, features, sports, and editorial articles written by high school students from Grades 7-12. Stallion will also release an electronic copy of its first issue through an e-mail blast; the exact date of this e-mail blast will be announced. Stallion thanks the school administration, its moderators, and the Xavier School community for their constant support and assistance.

Below is the letter from the editor-in-chief featured in the first issue:

It’s been six years since Stallion has released a printed copy of its publication, so on behalf of the entire editorial board and the rest of the club, I’m glad to be able to present our first issue in a long while. It’s good to be back.

In this issue, we have the usual – news, features, sports, and literature – but, through our various articles, we’re exploring something new and different, too: the place of the Xaverian today. It’s been six years, so that means a lot of unexpected change – the new senior high building, the updated K-12 curriculum, and the expansion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. It also means hearing about Xaverians who’ve achieved distinctions in fields that didn’t even exist years ago, such as in the case of recent Xaverian winners in the International Olympiad for Informatics and the International Robotics Olympiad. The Xaverian now is wildly different from the Xaverian then – modern, tech-savvy, and internationally minded.

But the core of who we are and what we stand for is the same. In the articles that will follow, you’ll find the strength of community that characterizes the Xaverian spirit, whether that’s in the unity of varsity players or in the bond that committee members share. You’ll find the constant zeal for service that’s part of the school’s Christian mission in the passion behind the Appreciation Day program and the work behind the variety show. You’ll find cura personalis in the way that Xaverians can be athletes, artists, programmers, and event organizers, nevertheless doing the best they can wherever they are.

This issue is about change. Six years is a long time to be gone. But it’s also about constancy – about how the things that matter to the Xaverian are, at heart, still the same.

Ethan Chua

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