The Voice of the Youth Concert Committee Presents Chroma – the 2016 Variety Show

The Voice of the Youth Concert Committee proudly presents this year’s variety show, CHROMA. The show will be held on January 30 at the Xavier School High School Gym, from 5pm-11pm. Tickets and merchandise will be sold soon. Below is the official teaser video for the variety show:

Music used: Electric Feel by MGMT
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The variety show is an annual Xaverian tradition, a concert which features both amateur and professional music and dance performers, a singing ensemble composed of high school students, and a fashion show featuring prominent local brands and student models, in a fundraising event that regularly draws crowds in the hundreds. This year, the variety show’s advocacy is to encourage people to let their light shine by being true to themselves; it’s official tagline is “Chroma – Amplify the Spectrum.” The show’s proceeds will go to the charitable advocacies of Xavier School.

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