Xavier School Honors Dr. Lucio C. Tan with School Building Named After Mr. Tan Yan Kee

Xavier School is very privileged to receive a major donation from Dr. Lucio C. Tan, through the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, to support the Xavier School Educational and Trust Fund that provides financial support for students in need at Xavier School’s campuses in San Juan and Nuvali, Laguna.  In gratitude for this support, the Xavier School Board of Trustees volunteered to name the Primary School building in San Juan after Mr. Tan Yan Kee, to join Dr. Tan in honoring the memory of his father by supporting education in the Philippines.


Dr. Lucio C. Tan’s achievements in business and philanthropy are legendary.  From a struggling immigrant from China, he has become one of the Philippines’ most astute businessmen with interests in banking, finance, real estate, transportation, etc.

In 1986, Dr. Tan established the Tan Yan Kee Foundation to support educational projects in memory of his late father. Since then, the foundation has funded scholarships in many schools and constructed school buildings around the country. One of the foundation’s projects is to construct educational centers in memory of Chua King Ha, Dr. Tan’s late mother who was a poet and who supported educational projects until her death in 2003.  Dr. Lucio Tan’s devotion to his parents is clear evidence of his gratitude to and love for them.

Dr. Lucio Tan has a special love for Chinese education.  Aside from support for Chinese schools, Dr. Tan has sponsored summer study tours in Xiamen for many years, making it possible for thousands of Chinese-Filipino students to spend close to two months in China to deepen their knowledge of Chinese language and culture.  In Manila, the

Tan Yan Kee Library organizes a summer class on Chinese language and culture for children who are too young to travel to China.

It is not only Chinese education, however, that Dr. Tan has supported. The Tan Yan Kee foundation also funds medical scholarships at the University of the East and supports various programs to improve the quality of public hospitals around the country. Whenever natural calamities hit the country, the Foundation collaborates with the  government to bring aid to the victims and survivors.

Xavier School is marking its 60th anniversary this year.  Founded in 1956 in Quiapo by Jesuit missionaries from China, the school moved to San Juan in 1960 and has since graduated more than ten thousand students.  The school’s unique combination of Western and Chinese education grounded in Christian values has enabled it to produce leaders in various fields. To be able to serve more people, the school opened a campus in Nuvali, Laguna, in 2012.

It is truly a fitting milestone that Xavier School has named a school building after Mr. Tan Yan Kee on the thirtieth anniversary of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, and the 60th anniversary of the school.

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