Buling – Buling 2016

by Jonathan S. Lacson, FPTI – ERDA Tech Assistant Principal for Formation
Photos by Jonathan S. Lacson, FPTI – ERDA Tech Assistant Principal for Formation

In solidarity with the Pandacan communities, the Father Pierre Tritz Institute – ERDA Tech once again participated in the annual Buling-Buling Festival of Pandacan, Manila in honor of the Santo Niño. Faculty, staff, students, and even French volunteer Priscille Colin danced the Buling-Buling together with delegations from various schools and organizations in and outside Pandacan.

It was a warm and humid Saturday afternoon on January 15 this year, yet the ERDA Tech participants mustered enough energy and enthusiasm to perform for the Santo Nino and for the enjoyment of all the people who gathered to watch the dance procession.

The event ended at about 5:30 p.m., after which the ERDA Tech group walked back to the school from the town proper to eat a well-deserved dinner of rice, roasted pork, salted eggs, pancit canton, sweetened bananas, and soda.

This year’s Buling-Buling Committee is composed of Technical Drawing teacher Mr. Mark Rivera (chairperson), MAPEH teacher Mr. Marvin Sarmiento (assistant chairperson), Business Office Head and Campus Operations Officer Mrs. Margie Antonio, Social Services Coordinator Mrs. Tess Andres, and Sponsorship Program Coordinator Mrs. Rowena Dela Cruz.

ERDA Tech looks forward to joining next year’s Buling-Buling Festival once more.

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