Grade 2 Student Tops Year 2 Level at ICAS – English

Aaron with Grade School Principal Ms. Jane Cacacho during a recent GS General Assembly where he was recognized for his achievement

Last July 25, 2015, participants from the Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore, and other countries in the Pacific Region participated in the 2015 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) – English. This competition measures students’ reading comprehension skills including vocabulary and ability to analyze and infer information from a variety of text structures.

Among the 100 participants, seven students from the Philippines will be awarded for their outstanding achievements.  One of them is Aaron Gabriel Chua, a Grade 2 student from Xavier School. He will receive a medal and a certificate for being the top scorer in the Year 2 level.

Congratulations, Aaron Gabriel Chua! This achievement not only brought honor to our school but to our country as well.

Continue letting your light shine!

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