NetfliXS: Xavier School Fair 2016

Enrico Paragas (10A) and Luis Lokin (10I), Stallion writers
Photos by Jerry Feng 11H, Chinese Editor of Stallion + member of XS Media Team

In a monumental move made a few weeks ago, Netflix expanded its availability all the way to the Philippines, and it wasn’t only through its launching of the Philippine version of the popular streaming site. Last January, Xavier School San Juan held its annual fair for the school year on January 30-31, entitled NetfliXS. This year’s theme revolved around movies and television shows, and students were able to come up with their renditions of popular media, hosting a wide genre of film and show inspired booths. There were puns galore (probably more than half involving Star Wars: The Force Awakens), and various school fair staples returned – the horror booths, the catching booths, the marriage booth, the maze, and all sorts of fun games to play and huge prizes to win.

Critically acclaimed booth office hits?

The biggest earners this year were first time booth directors, 8B, who grossed a total of 88,145 pesos.

The batch to gross the most? Well, the OXSCAR goes to…
The hotshot rookies of the batch of Grade 8. Their batch amassed an incredible 327,565 pesos worth of chits in a span of two days.

Monumental shifts?

No rides.

First and foremost, this year’s annual school fair for the first in a long time was missing it’s staple carnival rides. Absent were the seemingly ever-present, at least in our time in Xavier, Caterpillar, the Octopus, the Viking, etc. Comparing that to the fair that we had for ourselves this year, on paper it’s easy to discount the “net fun” that was experienced this year, yet that wasn’t the case. In the absence of rides this school year, our fair was able to strike a balance with a wide variety of fair games. The blanket theme of movies provided a broad genre of exciting and enjoyable booth entertainments. Each interpretation of a popular movie or TV show by the brilliant minds of the current Xavier school student body brought action and fun to the table. Some booths brought FPS games into the real world such as Grade 9B’s booth, Battlefront – an interpretation of the popular saga of Star Wars; there were even role playing games, Marvel movie spoofs, and catapult shooting challenges.


The return of the XS Bazaar offered a wide selection of new and old items, with some interesting pieces to say the least. Books, clothes, toys, you name it; there’s a good chance you would’ve found them at the bazaar, and at a bargain price at that. This portion of the fair was set up to support independent retailers and their businesses.

With this year’s fair done and dusted, it is safe to say that it was a smashing success. Grossing a total of P1,153,940, this year’s school fair was, without a doubt, a real box office hit.

Kudos to the fair committee for another FAIRly great success!

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