VoYC Committee Holds Successful Variety Show: Chroma

Tristan Tiu (H4I), Stallion News Editor
Photos by Gab Loste, alumnus

January 30 marked the date of the much-anticipated annual Xavier School Variety Show, this year’s title and tagline being “Chroma – Amplify Your Spectrum.” Held at the High School Gym, the variety show showcased the talents of many different amateur and professional artists, ranging from bands and dance troupes to a student-led singing ensemble and fashion show. Organized by Xavier’s own Voice of the Youth Concert (VoYC) committee, the show successfully raised significant proceeds from tickets sold, which would go to fund Xavier’s various charitable advocacies.

Hosted by the RX 93.1 DJs Alven and Rica during the first half and DJs Jay and Steph during the second half, the show featured many performances from amateur bands such as 4C, Pugfish, and Frannie + Diego. Other student-led performances included the singing ensemble and the fashion show, in which singers and models selected from high schools across Metro Manila flaunted their talents on-stage.

Dance troupes were once again a prominent act during the concert, with groups such as LSGH Airforce, ICA DT, Legit Status, and Xavier’s own beloved Dance X taking the stage. They kept the audience entertained with electrifying performances.

Aside from these performers, the audience witnessed captivating performances from many different professional bands and dance groups in Metro Manila. These included Taken by Cars, Itchyworms, KLC, Legit, and She’s Only Sixteen.

In a twist on the classic variety show formula, Dance X did not close the variety show this year. Instead, audiences were treated to a never-before-seen collaboration between the fashion show models and members of the singing ensemble in which the models paraded down the stage once again while the singing ensemble provided background music. The show ended with all the VoYC members gathering on stage congratulating themselves for a job well done, with a remix done by DJ Adrian Legarda closing the concert.

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