Student Council Executive Board Elections 2016

by Jaime Siy (G10B) and Steven Sy (G10B)
Photos provided by Mr. Jean Pierre Reniva, HS SAP Coordinator

Student Council Elections are always historic moments in the school’s history with the elections being a symbol of the democracy, discourse, and liberty the school celebrates. The elections, being the deciding factor on the leaders of the Student Council for the following school year, is what allows each student to be given a say in the school’s affairs and make their voice heard. The elections is even more important this year, with Xavier School going through a plethora of changes in the form of the new Senior High School curriculum as well as its “Diamond Jubilee” close on the horizon.

Leading up to the elections held last February 18-19, 2016, the COMELEC held the annual Miting de Avance, an event held to allow the student body to become familiar with the candidates running for office and be able to make the best decision possible.

This year, multiple Miting de Avance events were held, each batch getting their own event and gathering separately last February 15, 2016, and a Grand Miting De Avance held with the entire high school body in attendance last February 17, 2016.

The first set of Miting de Avance events were held for each batch to get to know the candidates running for their batch representative positions. The event featured a section for each candidate to give an introductory speech about themselves and their visions for their respective batches. These speeches were then directly followed by two rounds of Q&A forums. The first round of questions were provided by the students and the COMELEC, and allowed the voting body to take a more active role in learning about the candidates and engaging them in productive discussion. In this section, all the questions raised were answered by both candidates in turns. On the other hand, the second round of questions were more targeted and were directed to each individual candidate by the COMELEC representatives.

On February 17th when the second Miting de Avance was held, this time with the entire high school body in attendance, the event followed the same general format except for more varied positions. All of the candidates from Administrative Officer, Junior and Senior Vice Presidents, to the Student Council President, were allowed to give short speeches to introduce themselves and their respective platforms. Just like in the first Miting de Avance, two rounds of Q&A rounds ensued, with the first one being general questions that each candidate had to answer, and the second one being a round of separate questions directed at each individual candidate.

When it was time for the actual elections, though there were still a handful of computers laid out as voting stations, the COMELEC followed through with its modernization narrative and took a more forward-thinking approach by merely giving every student a code and allowing them to access the voting website and choose their preferred candidates from the convenience of their own devices and at their chosen time. This proved to be a successful strategy, with the COMELEC getting votes from around 68% of the voting population in just two days and not needing to extend the voting season, a stark improvement from last year.

At the end of the day, this year’s Student Council Executive Board elections have proved to be a resounding success with the results of the elections announced on February 23, 2016, at the high school body’s final general assembly of the year.

In what was a tense election period for many, Ravi Reyes was declared as the Grade 8 Batch Representative, Yandro Dy as the Grade 9 Batch Representative, Adam Dy Juanco as the Grade 10 Batch Representative, Mico Go as the Grade 11 Batch Representative, Javi Amador as the Grade 12 Batch Representative, Matthew Hou as the Administrative Officer, James Gordon as the Junior High School Vice President, Rylle Tee as the Senior High School Vice President, and finally, Ryan Delos Reyes as the Student Council President for School Year 2016-2017.

Congratulations to the new Student Council Executive Board for School Year 2016-2017 and to the COMELEC for carrying out a successful election season! May next school year’s leaders be able to live up to what the student body saw in them and continue to let their light shine.

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