XS San Juan: Try-outs for varsity teams

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04 March 2016

Dear Parents:

The Xavier School Athletics Program aims to promote sportsmanship and foster the development of the Student-Athlete into a man of good character by promoting not only the student’s physical development, but his psycho-emotional, social, ethical, and academic development as well.  The Athletics Program intends to teach positive life skills that will help the Student-Athlete become personally successful and socially responsible.

This is an invitation for your sons to try-out for the different varsity teams of the school.  Below are the try-out schedules for each team.  Aspiring varsity players should be present during all try-out dates.

Please see attachment for the schedule and reply slip: TRYOUT2

Try-outs for Swimming Team will be announced at a later date.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to call the Athletics Office through Extension 242/374.

Please submit the response slip to the coach during the try-out.

Thank you very much.


Mr. Patrick Joseph L. Posadas
Athletics Director

Noted by:

Mr. Alvin L. Ang                                                                      Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, S.J.
Asst. Principal for Formation, HS Unit                                    School President

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4 thoughts on “XS San Juan: Try-outs for varsity teams

  1. Jd

    I would like to ask if there is tryouts for basketball for born 2001 & 2001 if there is, when? Thank you.

  2. Caroline Gorriceta

    I would like to know when the results for the soccer varisty tryouts will be released and where do we look for the results. Thanks!

    • Clarisse Ednacot Post author

      Selected players will be announced over summer through the XS Website and Football Office Bulletin Board in due time, and will proceed to Round 2 – Final Selection on June 2016 when classes resume. Should you have other questions, please feel free to contact the Athletics Department through Ms.Jane Agcaoili or the Football Office through Ms. Kristina Flores at 027230481, or email us at info.xavierfootball@gmail.com.


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