Grade 2 Field Trip: Best Day Ever!

By Ms. Angela Dianne M. Agustin, Grade 2 English BASICS Teacher
Photos from the Grade 2 teachers

Last February 24, 2016, the Grade 2 students of Xavier School went on a field trip, and in the eyes of a Grade 2 boy, it was definitely the best day ever.

The day started early with cheerful chatters as students talked about the itinerary for the day. With their excitement heightened by the orientation given over the previous days, they were already talking about their expectations and plans for the trip. It was a happy chore to walk from their classrooms to the buses.

Giddy with anticipation, the students cheered as the bus slowly moved but they all respectfully settled down as they said a prayer. It was surely a good start. It was a signal for the beginning of a good trip.

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The first stop was the Museo Pambata where students were asked to move from one themed room to another. For each room, the students were given enough time to explore and then they were asked to sit down quietly and listen to the tour guide’s explanations about the displays. Each room covered an entirely different theme from the others. There was a room for students to know more about our local stories and authors, and another room for them to learn how to conserve resources and take care of the environment. There was also a place for native materials, and another which showed what the old times looked like. There was even a room fashioned for knowing the human body, where students could only enter by passing through a big mouth. Then there was a marketplace-themed room where they were allowed to run from one kiosk to another, and to act as if they were fruit and fish vendors, cooks in a carinderia, barbers, shoemakers, firemen, bakers, and many many others. There were a lot of rooms to choose from but the marketplace and the human body were the top favorites.

After the first stop, both students and teachers were given time to eat lunch and rest for a while inside the bus. Many of the students took this time to talk about their experiences in the museum, to share food with each other, and to play little games as they wait for the bus to move to the next stop.

The second and last stop was at the Manila Ocean Park where eight attractions were visited.

The first attraction was the Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter. In here the students were allowed to touch the rays with the help of a guide. They squealed with joy as they felt the smooth and slimy texture of the rays and enjoyed looking at the bottom where the sharks stayed the entire time.

The second attraction was the Fish Spa. It was messy and fun at the same time as the students got half of their pants wet with water. The students exhibited different kinds of funny faces while the fish cleaned their feet.

The Birds of Prey Kingdom was another attraction the students visited. They were both scared and thrilled as birds flew over them doing amazing tricks and stunts. While in Trails of Antartica, the students experienced a walkthrough to the coldest and most mysterious continent on earth.

Other attractions include Oceanarium, World of Creepy Crawlies, Jellies Exhibit, and Back of the House where students saw an impressive number of different species from all over the world. These attractions were totally a breathtaking experience for everyone.

The last but not the least was the Yexel’s Toy Museum. In here, the students got in awe with life-size displays of superheroes, animated film characters, and other popular collections. Everyone was absolutely picture-ready!

As the field trip reached its end, some Grade 2 students were shouting that it was the best day ever. Looking at it, with so much joy in their eyes and joyful conversations all around, one could not help but agree that it definitely was the Grade 2’s best day ever.

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