Philippine Medical Association awards Xavier Alumnus Dr. Edgar Eufemio

by Richard Sy-Facunda (HS '83)
Dr. Edgard Eufemio, (HS ’83) second from the left, receives the award from Philippine Medical Association

Doctor Edgar Eufemio (HS ’83) received an award last 10 May 2016 for his contribution to Modern Medicine.

The award was given by the Philippine Medical Association to Dr. Eufemio “for developing the ‘Implant-less Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction’ in 2008, where indigent athletes suffering from ACL may still pursue their dreams, and for creating the ‘Fitness Quotient Test’ in 2014, a locally designed examination to identify promising elite level athletes at an early age.”

Congratulations! Luceat lux!

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