XS Nuvali: Gr. 10 students seek finals slot in international competition

by Ms. Ria Marifosque, XSN SHS English teacher
Poster by Mr. Martin Gomez.

Students from the grade 10 batch Angela Castillo, AJ Diu, Matthew Flores, Francis Gonzales,Conner Manuel, Matthew Molina, Luke Oliva, David Santiago, Joey Sarsuelo, Jacob Yuson, and their former classmate Gabe Ceballos announced their project during the general assembly rehearsal today, June 8. The members, collectively named theCLEANinitiative (Creative learning for an Environmentally Aware Nation), aim to spread awareness of environmental problems particularly those related to climate change through virtual reality technology. They plan on bringing this to the Laguna community, but they also want to bring it to a wider audience, hence their decision to join the Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative’s social entrepreneurship program called Village to Raise A Child.

In order for the students to claim one of the slots in the finals, they need to garner enough online votes. The group requested the student body to vote for their project in the VTRAC website and informed them that they can vote once a day until July 1, 2016.

While waiting for the results of the contest, the students are hard at work designing their virtual reality project so that people will both use and learn from it.

The group also requests the support of the Xavier School Nuvali community through voting. To help the group get a spot in the finals, click on the link below and enter your email address to vote.

Watch their video here.
Vote here.

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