XS Nuvali: Mass of the Holy Spirit (Red Mass)

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7 June 2016

Dear Parents of Gr. 4 to 11 students,

One of the main thrusts of our school is to deepen our Catholic and Ignatian identity and provide authentic character formation for your sons and daughters. As we usher in the new school year, we begin with an offering of our goals and efforts to the Holy Spirit and ask for God’s blessing and guidance for all of us. We shall do this through the celebration of the Mass of the Holy Spirit (also called the Red Mass) on Thursday, 9 June 2016, 4:00pm at the Multi-Purpose Center. Our School President, Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, S.J. will preside.

It is with deep joy that I invite you to join us and receive the blessings of the Holy Sprit for your family as we continue the first of many meaningful traditions for the whole Xavier Nuvali community. Parents and other family members may proceed to the MPC by 3:45pm.

Kindly let your child bring a red shirt which may or may not be collared and preferably with little or no prints. We also encourage you to wear red. The regular class schedule will still be followed during the day. Please let your child bring afternoon snacks as well. Dismissal for the students will be right after the mass (5:15-5:30pm)

Luceat Lux!


In Our Lord,

Campus Minister 


Noted by:

School President 

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