XS Nuvali: Student Handbook

xs nuvali principal letterhead

24 June 2016


Dear parents,

Please find below the copies for the Xavier School Nuvali Student Handbook. Kindly click on the link applicable for your child’s grade level.

The Student Handbooks contain information that will help you understand the expectations set in school.

Included in the handbook are Xavier School Nuvali’s vision, mission, goals and objectives, a statement of its academic policies, and the rules and regulations in the school’s code of discipline.

Please read and note the contents carefully. The agreement page will be sent to you; kindly sign and return it to signify that you and your child have understood the contents of the handbook.

These documents are updated regularly especially in matters of school policies. If there are changes in policies made before the next revision of the documents, these will be communicated to all through circulars.

Luceat lux!



Mrs. Arlene T. Choo

Student Handbook K-2
Student Handbook G3-6
Student Handbook G7-12

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2 thoughts on “XS Nuvali: Student Handbook

    • Clarisse Ednacot

      Good day, no definite date has been given for the release, but all students from Kinder to Grade 11 will be given a hard copy within the school year. Thank you.


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