Xavier’s Diamond Jubilee Year Red Mass: A Man for Others

by Joseph Tang (11G)
Photos by Mathew Chan, G11, Media Team Secretary

Last June 10, the Xavier community gathered in the Sports Center to celebrate an important Xavier tradition, the annual Red Mass. The Red Mass, dedicated to the Holy Spirit, is an opportunity for the Xavier community to come together and collectively ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and blessing for the coming school year. This year’s Mass also opened Xavier’s 60th Jubilee Year.

In line with this momentous event, Xavier School invited Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian D.D., Bishop of Bangued, Abra and CBCP Chairman of the Chinese-Filipino Apostolate in the Philippines, to preside the Mass. He was accompanied by Fr. Aristotle Dy, S.J., Fr. Art Borja, S.J., Fr. Xavier Olin, S.J., Fr. Munching de Guzman, S.J., Fr. Ben Sim, S.J., Fr. Candido Lim, S.J., Fr. Chrys Exaltacion, S.J., Fr. Gil Donayre, S.J., and Fr. Maximo Barbero, S.J. who concelebrated the mass. Distinguished guests included San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez, Fr. Moreno, S.J., the Jesuit provincial, Jesuit brothers, the Missionary sisters of the Immaculate Conception, Xaverian alumni, and many others.

Mathew Chan, G11, Media Team Secretary

Bishop Jaucian delivered a very moving homily, in which he shared three Chinese sayings and focused on three Christian ideals: sharing one’s blessings, having a prayerful heart, and continuing to let one’s light shine. These three concepts set the tone for the school year ahead by emphasizing the true mission of any Xaverian: to be a person for others.

During the offertory, six flags, each displaying one of the 6Cs — Conscience, Character, Community, Competence, Culture, and Compassion — were offered to remind the students of the characteristics expected from an ideal Xaverian. After the Holy Communion, the students were given small pieces of paper, and they were asked to reflect and write on it their intentions and goals for the school year. These written intentions by the student body was then included in the offertory. This activity is part of the new ‘Prayer Buddy’ initiative, which assigns each student to pray for a classmate’s intention.

As the mass ended, members of the Xavier Dragon Lion Dance Troupe brought the celebration to another level by amusing the student body with their footwork and stunts.

Just before the students returned to their respective homeroom sections, Xavier School’s President, Fr. Ari Dy, S.J., addressed the community with a short celebratory remark:

“June 6 is a historical marker for Xavier. This school started its establishment on June 6, 1956, and it was only proper for us to start this year on June 6 too. Since this year is special, I’d like to remind everyone of the updated profile of a Xaverian: to be a man for others, forever.”

Xavier’s Jubilee Year is thus declared open. Luceat Lux!

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