XS Nuvali Participates in the Shake Drill

by John Patrick Duabe, Gr. 11 - Bro. Richie Fernando
Xavier School Nuvali students participate in the Shake Drill. Photos by Mr. Gel Domingo (Student Supervisor) and Mrs. Christina Ripoll (PE Teacher).

Because Laguna is relatively close to Manila and therefore will likely be affected should “The Big One” come, Xavier School Nuvali students also participated in the 2016 Shake Drill last June 22.

The Xaverians were informed about the Shake Drill days before it was scheduled by their class advisers. The new students were oriented about the grab bags, which were necessary in emergency drills and actual emergencies.

The drill was set to occur at 9:30 in the morning of June 22, Wednesday. The school bell rang continuously, signifying that an earthquake is ongoing and that everyone should duck, cover, and hold. When the ringing of the bell ended, the Xaverians automatically grabbed their emergency bags and put them over their heads for preotection. Some students used thick books or their binders as protection because they didn’t have their grab bags yet.

Students crouch down as they get to the open parking lot.

Students crouch down as they get to the open parking lot.

For the next few minutes, the staircases were filled with students who quickly but calmly headed towards the parking lot. When everybody—students, teachers, staff, and school helpers, got to the open parking lot, they crouched down on the ground. This was a new routine added to the emergency plan.

Though it was only 9:30 in the morning, the sun already seemed high in the sky, and it made everybody uncomfortable. However, everybody patiently waited for the all clear sign before they headed back to their rooms in an orderly manner.

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