Welcome Xuedi: Passing the Torch

by Alfonso Tan (11B), Stallion News Writer
Photo by Jerry Feng (12H), XS Media Team President

The start of every new school year brings forth a new batch of students fresh from grade school, ready to tackle the seemingly insurmountable challenge that most call high school. To ease this transition from boyhood into young adulthood, the Student Council organized a half-day interaction between the current Grade 11 batch and the freshly-graduated Grade 7 batch. This interaction, entitled, “Welcome Xuedi,” or “Welcome Little Brother,” was held in the high school gym on the 29th of June.

Welcome Xuedi aimed to offer each Grade 7 student a firsthand account of the difficulties faced by a typical high school student from the perspective of those who had already gone through these challenges. The event also aimed to foster bonds of friendship among the Grade 7 and Grade 11 batch, to ensure that each Grade 7 siyoti (younger brother) would always have one or two Grade 11 ahias (older brother) to rely on in times of distress.

To begin the event, Ms. Aimee Apolinario, the high school principal, as well as Zander Sy, the current Grade 7 batch representative, gave a few opening remarks. These remarks highlighted Welcome Xuedi’s goal of fostering a cooperative environment between the Grade 7 siyotis and the Grade 11 ahias.

Separated into smaller groups composed of ahia-siyoti pairs, the ahias began sharing their prepared lunches with their siyotis.

Following the lunch break, half of the groups embarked on a series of team-building activities and races in the high school gym itself. These activities ranged from simple obstacle courses to variations of time-honored traditions such as charades.

Meanwhile, the others proceeded to the classrooms on the second floor of the Senior High School Building. In the classrooms, the class officers and mentors took charge of the activities, hosting games such as mingle mingle, which was an activity designed to group together those with similar interests, and the all-time favorite Filipino parlor game, Pinoy Henyo.

After both groups had completed their activities, all of the students proceeded to the high school gym for the interaction’s closing ceremony. The ceremony began with performances by Pugfish, a student band consisting of Grade 11 students, and Dance X, Xavier School’s own dance troupe.

Finally, to close the event, Michael Go, the Grade 11 batch representative, gave a speech urging the Grade 7 siyotis to make the most of their time in high school, and to never forget that despite whatever difficulties they might have, their ahias will always be there to help them.

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