Xavier School Hosts First Ever Manila Round of World Scholar’s Cup

by Steven Sy (11A) and Harry Paragas (11B)
Photos by Jerry Feng (12H), Media Team President

The World Scholar’s Cup, founded in 2007, is an organization dedicated towards inspiring a global community of future leaders and scholars and celebrating the joy of learning. Last July 9-10, 2016, Xavier School hosted the Manila Round of the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC). This was the first time any competition of this sort had ever taken place in the Philippines, and Xavier School had the honor of being the host school for this momentous occasion. The event brought together over one hundred students from nine different schools to participate in this celebration of knowledge. Through the event, participants were able to join four competitions in every edition that the cup features: collaborative writing, team debate, a multiple choice test known as the Scholar’s Challenge, and finally, the Scholar’s Bowl–a quiz-bee style competition. The topics for these events normally revolve around the WSC’s central theme for the year. This year, the theme is “An Imperfect World,” focusing on the imperfections of the world that we live in and how we can solve those injustices.

Xavier School sent six teams to the competition–three competing in the Senior Division, and three competing in the Junior Division. The first team was composed of Steven Sy (G11), Jaime Siy (G11), and Harry Paragas (G11); the second team was composed of Alfonso Tan (G11), Martin Velasco (G11), and Kyle Chan (G10); the third team was composed of Leonardo Ngan (G11), Mark Asprer (G11), and Daniel Co (G10); the fourth team was composed of Philmon Wee (G9), Eaton Sia (G9), and Nicholas Paragas (G9); the fifth was composed of Gonzalo Cruz (G6), Christoph Cuan (G6), and Nicolai Ong (G6); and the sixth team was composed of Miguel Pabustan (G6), Anthony Go Alcantara (G6), and Matthew Sy (G6).

Of those six teams, the first team (Steven, Jaime, and Harry) was awarded as the sixth overall winner in the competition, placing third in both Team Debate and the Scholar’s Challenge and getting silver medals in Collaborative Writing. Steven was also one of the top overall scholars in the Scholar’s Challenge, winning four silver medals in the individual subject areas. He was also recognized as the sixth best scholar and the top scholar in Xavier School across all four events. On the other hand, Jaime was awarded as the eighth best scholar overall. Jaime was also named the fifth best debater in the entire Senior Division.


From L-R: Jaime Siy (G11D) , Harry Paragas (G11B), Steven Sy (G11A)

The second team (Alfonso, Martin, and Kyle) was awarded as the thirteenth overall team, placing seventh in Team Debate and tenth in the Scholar’s Bowl. In addition, Alfonso Tan was recognized as the third best debater in the competition and earned two silver medals and one gold medal in the individual subject areas of the Scholar’s Challenge.

Xavier School’s fourth team (Philmon, Eaton, and Nicholas) was the ninth top debate team in the Junior Division. Philmon Wee also earned silver medals in Collaborative Writing, Team Debate, and the Scholar’s Challenge. He was also recognized as one of the champion scholars and the Xavier School’s top scholar in the Junior Division.

Among the other achievers for the event was Leonardo Ngan who was crowned as the second-best debater in the entire competition. Furthermore, Gonzalo Cruz, Anthony Go Alcantara, and Miguel Pabustan were also named as Da Vinci Scholars in the Junior Division. Da Vinci Scholars are individuals who are recognized for their well-rounded performance across all four events.

Team one (Steven, Jaime, and Harry), team two (Alfonso, Martin, and Kyle), and team four (Philmon, Eaton, and Nicholas) qualified to take part in the Senior World Scholar’s Cup Global Round, which will be held next year. Gonzalo, Cristoph, and Nicolai—all Grade 6 students—qualified in the Junior Division. The Global Round brings together delegates from over 50 countries, with the participants numbering in the thousands.

In celebration of knowledge and the love of learning, the World Scholar’s Cup’s very first Manila Round was a resounding success. All scholars went home fulfilled and satisfied, happily bringing home with them their very own stuffed alpacas as a souvenir. Xavier School is proud to have had the honor of hosting such a meaningful and enriching event.



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