To Set the World on Fire

by Steven Sy (11A)
Photo by Christian Haw (11C), XS Media Team

Photos by XS Media Team

Sixty years down the line, and the fire still burns as brightly as ever.

The 29th of July saw the launch of four highlights in celebration of Xavier’s 60th year: the Mass for St. Ignatius, the launch of Buwan ng Wika, the inter-batch Intramurals, and the Pep Rally. The entire high school community came together to celebrate four uniquely Xaverian values: conscience, community, culture, and competence.

With the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola fast approaching on the 31st of July, the entire high school community held a Mass in his honor. The Mass celebrated St. Ignatius of Loyola, pioneer of the Ignatian values that every Xaverian strives to emulate. The Mass was held at the sports center, and was presided by Fr. Eric Escandor, alongside Fr. Xavier Olin, Fr. Aristotle Dy, Fr. Sigmund de Guzman, Fr. Ben Sim, Fr. Art Borja, and Fr. Candido Lim, all from the Society of Jesus. 

The month of August marks Buwan ng Wika, a month of celebration for the Filipino language. Hence, in service to the common heritage Filipinos all share, the Mass was delivered entirely in Filipino. Moreover, following the Eucharist was a slew of performances by the Simeona F. Chanyungco Lahing Kayumanggi ng Marikina Dance Troupe (SFCLKMDT) that paid homage to the rich Filipino culture, showcasing traditional Filipino dances and costumes.


The day also included a salo-salo, where every class shared Filipino food among themselves in each respective classroom. The food ranged from kanin to kakanin, and emphasized an essential part of culture: cuisine.

The Blue and Gold Committee also officially launched the inter-batch Intramurals that day at the high school gym. The launch encouraged each batch to fully support their batch’s representatives to the games. The event also served to foster a sense of batch pride, featuring specially-created batch banners.


ig3Finally, just as the athletic season begins to get underway, the school also held its annual Pep Rally, entitled, Homegrown, commemorating sixty years of pride and glory. The Pep Rally was a banner for the community to rally behind the athletes who represent the school in inter-school and international competitions. The students also observed exhibition matches, giving the teams a platform to showcase their skills. The featured sports were basketball, football, futsal, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and water polo.

The day’s festivities were a perfect representation of what it means to be a Xaverian: a man for others, one who remembers his roots and his heritage, and one who brings glory not only to himself but to his school as well. The Ignatian values of Magis and Cura Personalis shone all the brighter throughout the day and will continue to be set ablaze this 60th year of Xavier School.


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