Xavier Math Wizards Take Home Accolades from IMWiC in Bangkok, Thailand

by Alexander Go (11A)
Photo by Mrs. Julie Sy (mother of Steven Sy, IMWiC participant)

The International Mathematics Wizard Challenge (IMWiC) is an annual competition that brings together students from seven countries, namely: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The contest is held alternately between these seven participating countries.

Last July 20 to 24, eight students from Xavier School participated in the recent IMWiC, which took place in Bangkok, Thailand. These Math wizards managed to bring home medals and awards: Shaun Cua (2G)–gold medal, Yuan Ramirez (4A)–silver medal, Aaron Chua (3H)–silver medal, Alexander Go (11A)–silver medal, Steven Sy (11A)–bronze medal, Kimmayong Ayahao (11A)–bronze medal, Sean Chua (7C)–bronze medal, and Isaac Siy (9A)–merit award. Shaun Cua was also recognized as the top scorer in his grade level and received a trophy for his achievement.

The competition comprised of a test that was taken for four hours in the Eastin Hotel in Bangkok. Medals were awarded individually to those who scored the highest in each grade level.

IMWiC aims to propagate the passion for Mathematics by following the core principle that “Mathematics has no borders,” showing that, despite the differences in culture between these seven nations, they can still come together and express their passion for Mathematics.

Congratulations to our Math wizards for a job well done! May they continue to let their light shine in everything they do. Luceat Lux!

An article showing the complete lineup of winners from the Philippines was posted on http://interaksyon.com/article/130821/filipino-math-wizards-place-2nd-overall-in-thailand

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