Xavier School Nuvali’s 7th Grade Ohana

Mrs. Jan-Angela Cabaral, Asst. Parent Representative of Gr. 7A
Photos from Mrs. Japi Renabeth Abril, XSN Grade 7 Parent

On the morning of the 30th of July 2016, XSN held the very first Grade 7 fellowship at the 2nd Floor of XSN-DMCAB. The fellowship was entitled OHANA means family, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. It was the first get-together of both parents and students (old and new alike) of the Grade 7 (2016-2017) community.

The organizers had weeks of planning and preparing for this fellowship as they devoted their early mornings to brainstorming meetings. The team was composed of new and old parent representatives who shared overflowing ideas up to the last minute of production. It was a pleasant journey as friendships and a new family were built, which is what we want to impart to the batch. 

It was a successful event as the number of attendees exceeded more than was estimated. The vibrant colors and decorations set the mood for the OHANA-Hawaiian theme. Participants were asked to bring their mats/sarongs and throw pillows. It was decided that the chairs and tables would not be used in order to create that indoor beach vibe. 

A program with more interaction was chosen, including an icebreaker for the parents in which they were asked to make a paper airplane and write down 2 questions with their names on them. These were flown and the objective was for the participants to get a paper airplane, look for the owner, and introduce themselves. 

The children showcased their creativity when they were asked to think of a team name and perform a cheer. Furthermore, to build camaraderie, activities such as the Human Knot were chosen. Parents witnessed how determined their children were during this team-building activity. The kids learned how to strategize, communicate and not give up.  Everyone fueled up with homemade food. There was more than enough for all the hungry participants!

The program was wrapped up with the OHANA band ritual in which parents and students were asked to form a circle to symbolize a new family created amongst the Grade 7 batch. Students formed the inner circle while parents took the outer circle to symbolise parents’ infinite support of their children. This was a very meaningful movement that would be memorable for each and everyone as the goal, which is creating an OHANA, was obtained.

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