Xavier Midgets C Football Team Bags St. Ignatius Cup Championship

Photos courtesy of Cookie Aplasca

Congratulations to the Xavier School Midgets C Football Team for winning the 2016 St. Ignatius Cup Tournament. The Xavier Under 11 Team blanked the Borneo Cup Team 3 – 0 in the finals, capping a record 11 wins against 0 losses. Furthermore, the team gave up only 2 goals throughout the tournament. Lorenz Tortona (G6F) was named MVP.

The members of the team are:

Aplasca, Nathan Raphael Acab, G6E
Ayahao, Keyn Kinzi Tabinas, G6E
Bata, Nathan Asher Lim, G7A
Choa, Adrian Luis Sy, G6F
Choachuy, Vince Andre Chua, G7E
Chung, Cole Anthony Tansipek, G7E
Co, Kevin Britt Abastillas,  G6G
Irigo, Edgardo Lorenzo Bondoc, G6E
Japitana, Alfonso Rafael Santillan, G7D
Lee, John Andrei Ching, G6C
Lim, Raimund Keona Siguenza, G6D
Manas, Andreas Matteo Villanueva, G6H
Ramos, Jose Antonio Villanueva, G7F
Soller, Anthon Hanz Garcia, G6I
Tortona, Lorenz Albert Maliwat, G6F

Congratulations and Luceat Lux!


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