XS Nuvali Grade 1 Fellowship: All for One and All for Juan

Mrs. Pamela Nido, XSPAN K-G2 Cluster Head
All photos courtesy of Gr. 1-A parents

The Xavier School Nuvali Parents Auxilliary with the Grade 1 Parent Representatives organized the Grade One Fellowship with the theme: All for One, All for Juan. It was organized to have the families of the Grade 1 students meet and know each other as well as encourage unity between parents and children. It was held at the Xavier School Nuvali Multi-Purpose Center (MPC) last 30 July 2016 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN.

Prior to the event, the decoration committee from 1-A fixed the area with a native Filipino celebration theme.


Each class was asked to come in a designated color — 1-A was assigned blue and 1-B wore yellow. 1-C was green and 1-D came in red. It was great to see each class come united in the same color.

The day started with the registration where some parent volunteers were in charge of the sign up sheets of each class. While the registration was ongoing, Class 1-B had prepared food starters for all the families. There were native Filipino delights prepared by some of the generous parents. It was a truly festive event with all the native food served.


Class 1-A also organized a photo booth for the families to have a token of the day. Families started having their photos taken as registration was going on and the photo booth was open until the event ended at noon.

After the registration, Dexter Cinco and JB Dimayuga took over as the hosts of the program. There were some preliminaries and messages from the Parents Auxiliary and the hosts introduced the different parent representatives of grade 1.

The first set of games were prepared to encourage interaction between the parents within each class. Pam Nido, an officer the XSPAN, led the first game called Human Bingo. It was chance for the parents to get to know a little bit about the other parents in the class. The second game was “Build a Bahay Kubo” where the parents worked together to build the most beautiful and strongest building.

After the games for the parents, it was the kids’ turn to play ‘Pass the Kalamansi”. They took turns balancing a spoon with kalamansi (lemon) using only their mouths while walking. Then they had to pass the kalamansi to their classmate. Each grade one student went home with a prize but the real reward was the fun they had during the game. Some kids even wanted to go a second time with the kalamansi after the game had finished. Many thanks to Class 1-C for preparing the games and the prizes.

Class 1-B took over again after the games to serve the main snacks from Jollibee. It was a good break after the excitement of the games and it was a chance for the parents to interact while eating.

The last part of the program was a raffle of prizes. Class 1-D did a great job of finding sponsors for the event and finding prizes that made the event more exciting. The kids loved the visit from Eldar the Wizard and Princess Victoria from Enchanted Kingdom as well as all the loot bags they were able to take home. The parents enjoyed the different raffle prizes given away.

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