XS Nuvali: High school survival guide

Art by Maria Jevie Cruz, XSN Gr. 11B – Bl. Istvan Kaszap

Given that the first quarter has ended, some new students are still not quite used to the Xavier way. Here, several high school students share tips on how to survive high school in a new environment.

    We’ve all gone through the difficulty of being a new student. We all know how fast our hearts would beat, or how slippery our palms would feel as we walk into this new and unfamiliar school with unfamiliar people everywhere. You have this fear that no one would approach you and you’ll remain friendless. Let that fear inside of you die and turn it into excitement. Be excited about how you’ll meet more people and how you’ll make new friends to share your experiences with because being afraid wouldn’t do you any good. So be yourself, smile, be fearless, introduce yourself and don’t forget to say “hi.”

– Leanne Celis, Grade 9A

    A new student in this lovely community should know that this school is no ordinary school. This “school” will not focus on one’s memory skills, but on one’s organisational skills; on being concise and direct. No dates or particular people need to be remembered. However, knowledge on what, how and why these things are important will come in quite handy. There’s absolutely no reason or need to be frightened, for the educators give tough love! They only ever want what is best for you. Buckle up for assessments; yep, there are a lot of those. Enough with all the warnings! Don’t worry, you’ll be greeted by spectacular and warm hearted people.

– Nadya Dizon, Grade 9A

   As a new student of Xavier School Nuvali, it could be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It is exciting, because of the new people you’ll get to meet. There will always be this tiny part of yourself wherein you feel insecure about what you’re wearing or the things that may come out of your mouth while you try to fit into a whole, new, different crowd. A boost of confidence can help you in more ways than you can imagine. So, a piece of advice from a former new student like me: just be yourself. What other people say or even think about you doesn’t matter because what truly matters is what you think of yourself and as long as it makes you happy.

– Grace Christianne Pangilinan, Grade 9A

    Are you new in school? Are you nervous, shy, scared or excited?

    Being a new student is really hard when you’re trying to adjust to the new community and meet lots of new people. Although I admit it may be hard, there are just a few things new students need to know to get through it all.

    It’s a new environment; start fresh. There’s no need to be scared because there are people in school who can help you. Your teachers and classmates will do their best to make you feel welcome despite the new surroundings. Be yourself and just stay positive at all times.

    It is normal to miss friends and teachers from your old school, but you don’t have to worry, because you won’t be losing them. In fact, you will meet more people and gain more friends as you have your friends from your former school and now, from your new school too.

    Have faith in yourself, because for sure, it will be a great school year!

– Timmy Aguirre, Grade 9B

    On the first day of school, being a new student is hard because you do not have any friends yet, and so you will feel shy and awkward while sitting inside a classroom with lots of different faces. It is hard because you always get nervous whenever it is your turn to introduce yourself to all of your other classmates.

    Here’s what a new student needs to know – everything takes time. You will take time to adjust to the new environment, new faces, new schedules, and most especially, new rules. Being a new student might be hard for some, but as long as you have confidence in yourself or at least try your best to be more social than usual, you’ll surely survive the day with a smile of relief on your face.

   One last thing a new student needs to know is to be an optimistic person, look on the brighter side. Think that being a new student is great because you will be able to meet new friends, encounter a lot of unforgettable experiences, and create memories that will complete your high school life, which will remain in your heart until you grow older.

– Elisha Nicole R. Angsanto, Grade 9B

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