XS San Juan: 3rd Quarter After School Sports Program

XS Athletics Letterhead

07 September 2016

The After School Sports Program offered by the Xavier Athletics Department continues to receive positive responses among its enrollees. Membership in a sports club brings many benefits. It is a great opportunity for students to learn a new sport, improve their fitness levels, develop self-confidence and character and other positive traits to help children become well-rounded individuals. These sports clubs are carefully designed so that members will enjoy good facilities, competent coaches, and meaningful programs.

The different programs with their corresponding 3rd Quarter Module schedule and fees can be downloaded HERE.

All courses are also open to non-Xaverians, both boys and girls. Please call the Athletics Office at extension 309 or 374 for further inquiries.

The following conditions apply to all courses:

  • All classes are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of enrollees is not reached.
  • No transfer or refund shall be allowed after the 2nd session has transpired.
  • Attendance is the responsibility of the enrollee or his/her parents. No make-up sessions shall be permitted except when the school cancels classes/activities.

Enrollment for the sports club program starts on 07 September 2016. You may secure registration forms from the Cashier’s office. Please make all checks payable to Xavier School.

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