Happy Appreciation Day!

Xavier School is what it is because of its students. Across generations, countless alumni have carried the name of the school in their various fields of work – each in his own way, contributing to developing our society. But how exactly do these people become who they are?

From corporate executives, to politicians, doctors, educators, and the like, the journeys of these Xaverians all began with their teachers. The iconic father or mother figure in the classroom has, since the doors of Xavier first opened, touched the lives of thousands, and brilliantly continues to do so. Expertise in their respective subjects have allowed them to impart knowledge to so many students as they grow up.

These teachers persistently work to ensure that they deliver the best type of education they can give to their students, be it through interesting lesson plans, to creative activities and modules conducted during their classes. Yet, more than these practical efforts to educate their students, teachers never fail to simply be there for their students. They take time out of their breaks & rest periods to bond and interact with their students, to give them advice and play games with them even.

In more ways than one, these teachers have become the living examples of whom we constantly strive to be. So on behalf of the entire student body community, and all alumni who have been lucky enough to learn and be nurtured under your care, the Student Council would like to extend its warmest gratitude to all teachers in Xavier School, and in the rest of the country – both past and present. Thank you for working so hard for us. Thank you for always being there for us. Thank you for simply being you. What you’ve done and continue to do for us cannot be measured by words, and we only hope that by each day, and by each moment, we make you proud.

Happy Appreciation Day, ‘chers!

Katipunan Ryan S. Delos Reyes
SC President 2016-17

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