Alumni Forum 2016

by Jonathan S. Lacson, Assistant Principal for Formation, FPTI - ERDA Tech
Photos by Peter Marc D. Magsalin, Principal, FPTI – ERDA Tech and Jonathan S. Lacson, Assistant Principal for Formation, FPTI – ERDA Tech

In celebration of Founder’s Week this school year, FPTI-ERDA Tech held the Alumni Forum 2016, wherein three of the school’s graduates were invited to speak about their experiences when they were in high school, and how their ERDA Tech education shaped them to become who they are right now.

Among the guests were Gabriel Baldonado (Batch 1, Class of 1999), Melissa Sodsod (Batch 2, Class of 2000), and Jethro Medina (Batch 14, Class of 2012).

After the last period for the day which is the Enrichment Group (Club) meeting, the school community proceeded to the roof deck for the event, which was organized by Miss Marilyn Benedicto, the chair of the Founder’s Week 2016 Subcommitee on Alumni Talks and hosted by the very energetic and enthusiastic Mr. Mark Rivera, the moderator of the Student Body Organization (SBO).

Very notable in the sharing of all the guests is the importance to them of the values they learned in ERDA Tech such as simplicity, hard work, competence, and gratitude. It is no wonder therefore why they have become successful in the respective careers they chose.

Hopefully, the current ERDAnians have been inspired by the examples set by their older brothers and sister in the school community, and become productive members of society in the future as well.

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