My Greatest Mentor

by Joseph Tang (11G), Stallion Writer
Photos by Marco Millan (12E) and Christian Haw (11C), XS Media Team; stage design and props by XS Prod Crew

September 23rd saw the gathering of the Xavier community for its annual celebration of Appreciation Day, also known as A-Day, a day that is dedicated to expressing gratitude for the teachers. This year’s A-Day was entitled “My Greatest Mentor,” with the theme of Hollywood. As it is every year, the day’s celebration came in two parts: the celebrations within the classrooms and the school-wide celebration in the high school gym.

Before proceeding to the main event, each homeroom section hosted a tailored set of programs for their class advisers and mentors. The officers of each class were given the task of organizing their class’ own “movie set,” with each class having a different film for their program.

Following the classroom program was the main event that was held in the high school gym and put together by the A-Day Committee. As soon as the students settled in their seats, the program started with the first segment, the entrance of the teachers. Each teacher entered the gym by walking on the red carpet amid cheers and applause from the students.

Then, the hosts for this year’s program, Matheson Cuan and Lorenzo Ngan, entered the stage and got the program started. Together, they made the program flow smoothly, making sure to crack some jokes to keep the crowd going.

The A-Day Committee prepared a wide array of performances, games, and acts. Among the performers were Motion Picture Blur, Dance X, and De Novo. Motion Picture Blur, with their old-school songs, got the teachers singing along to their tunes. Dance X, with their signature moves, delivered a jaw-dropping performance. De Novo, with their talented voices singing in unison and in harmony, received a standing ovation.

Aside from the spectacular performances, the A-Day Committee also prepared some games. Matheson and Lorenzo facilitated several teams of teachers and students to play games of Family Feud, or “HollyFeud” as they called it, and Motion Picture–a game where the groups had to imitate a movie poster.


Finally, it was time for the last segment of A-Day, the Fight Saber act. The act consisted of a Star Wars lightsaber fight involving the school administrators, Ms. Aimee Apolinario (HS Principal), Mr. Alvin Ang (HS Asst. Principal for Formation), Mrs. Theresa Ladrido (SHS Asst. Principal for Academics), and Mr. Exxon Yu (JHS Asst. Principal for Academics), along with Fight Saber, a Lucasfilm-recognized lightsaber choreography and costuming group.


Ultimately, however, as the A-day of Xavier School’s 60th year came to a close, students were reminded of the committee’s motto: “Everyday A-Day,” that urges them to appreciate their teachers not just on this one special day, but every single day.

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