XS Born 2008 Football Varsity Team – Luenthai Cup Champions

September 25 turned out to be an incredible Sunday for the Xavier School contingent as they triumphed at the 2nd Luenthai Cup held in Clark Field, Pampanga.

The born 2008-2009 division featured seven (7) teams that competed for the cup. Aside from XS ’08, the other teams present were La Salle Greenhills (LSGH), Strickers FC, Luenthai FC, Brincat, DB Kickers, and Westfield.

XS ’08 allowed a goal in their first game against LSGH. The team’s form picked up and their defense held the line, sweeping all their elimination games and not allowing any goal thereafter. Crisp passing and proper spacing opened up a ton of opportunities which the boys converted on to produce one of the best offensive performances of the team to date.

The ’08 boys’ efforts earned them the top spot in the standings after eliminations and an automatic slot in the finals with a twice to beat advantage. Later in the afternoon, the XS ’08 boys were met in the finals by LSGH which conceded the championship in a 3-0 win by Xavier.

luenthai-special-awards-pictureAside from winning the born 2008-2009 Championship, special awards were given to Sebastian Silva as Best Defender and Zachary Chu, Tournament MVP.

The XS ’08 boys were likewise extremely proud of their big brothers as the two XS ’06 teams finished first and second in their division. The final result was settled only through penalties.

Truly an incredible Sunday for the boys from San Juan, making the long trip well worth it.

Coached by Ariel Montaña, the XS Born 2008 Luenthai Cup team members are:

Zachary Chu – G3A
Javier Claudio – G3D
Juan Santiago Custodio – G3F
Diego Gonzales – G2E
Jose Imelberto Hollero – G2F
Jaime Lazaro – G3F
Benjamin Sanvictores III – G3D
Sebastian Silva – G3A
Jayden Yu – G3C

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