XS Fencers Triumph in Bangkok

Last September 24-25, 2016, our varsity fencers competed in the Thai Fencing Federation – Sripatum University (TFF-SPU) competition in Bangkok, Thailand. The TFF-SPU was attended by a tough field of 500 fencers from other Asian countries.

img_2160Sandro Antonio Sia (G9J) won the gold in the Under 14 Individual Sabre Category. Ranking number 5 in the overall pouling, Sia went up against Chung Hei Chow of Hongkong in the finals bagging the gold with a final score of 15-13.

Anton Luigi Alianan (G11I ) emerged champion in the Under 17 Individual Men’s Foil category. Number 7 in initial rankings before direct elimination bouts, Alianan made his way into the finals where he defeated Chan Pak Hei, also at 15-13.

Kirby Ezra Chua (G10B) and Psalm Nathan Co (G10C) finished with bronze medals in the Under 17 Men’s Foil event in a field that featured 31 other prominent fencers from Hong Kong, India, and Thailand.

Congratulations and Luceat Lux to the Xavier School fencers!

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