Igniting the Light Inside: HackXS Lite

by Luis Lokin (11B)
Photo from HS SAP

Last September 21, grade school students from Xavier School gathered together for the second annual HackXS Lite. The event, being a pitching and business competition, coupled with an introduction to programming for grade school students, is the first of its kind. This year, the theme of HackXS Lite was “How Technology Can Effect Social Good.”

The event gave the grade school students a look into the grassroots of coding by giving them the opportunity to explore programming platforms, Tynker and Python. This was open not only to students, but also to parents who were interested to try out what their children were learning.

True to the actual name of the event, the essence of a hackathon was not forgotten. The participants were able to make use of their newfound knowledge to come up with various projects that fit the theme of using technology for social good. These ideas were then pitched to a panel of judges.

It was a very refreshing event with many takeaways for both participants and organizers. The participants gained invaluable knowledge about coding and programming–skills that will only become more useful down the road. On the other hand, the organizers gained new insights on hosting events and technopreneurship.

HackXS Lite was organized by the XS Next Lab, whose mission and vision involves the integration of technology in the lives of students and the creation of a better society through the use of technology.

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