The grace I ask for – Reflections on the 2016 Annual Alumni Silent Retreat

(l-r, front) Mike Lim ’80, Ben Ang ’97, Andy Chua ’74, and Dobbin Tan ’81; (l-r, back) Art Munoz ’81, Ever Go Tian ’83, Richie Diyco ’87, Dr. John de Guzman ’67, Fr. Salty dela Rama, SJ, Tim Tolentino ’76, Bob Yulo ’79, Bambi Chua (XS, DARO), Ed de Joya ’80

Last October 21-23, 2016 eleven of our alumni from different batches attended the 2016 Annual Alumni Silent Retreat held at the Blessed Peter Faber Spirituality Center in Sacred Heart Novaliches.

Fr. Emerito Salustiano “Salty” dela Rama, SJ guided the retreatants in disposing themselves to “waste” time to experience God’s unconditional love and presence in their lives. Fr. Salty encouraged the participants to begin their prayer by answering: “What is the grace I ask for..?”

“I wasn’t even aware of the existence of the annual retreat for alumni until now. I believe this is an integral, important, impactful, interesting and indispensable activity all Xaverians should experience once or twice a year.  It gives us a chance to set things straight with God.” – Richie Diyco, HS ‘81

“Forget for a moment, the hurts of the past and worries of the future, and live in present silence with the Lord. Come out energized.” – Ben Ang, HS ‘97

“Two days of self reflection and soul searching, putting all daily routines and responsibilities on hold to be one with our Creator and contemplating on what significance are we on this Earth.” – Andres Chua, HS ‘74

“The retreat brought me back to the comforting presence of the Lord. The silence is where I realized how lost I am in my own thoughts, and how hard it is to find God from within. The retreat has not ended but only begun. I hope I can continue it in my daily life. Discovering God’s Love is a journey, and we are together in that journey, amidst the silence.” – Mike Lim, HS ’80

Initially I was lost – I feared I wasn’t making the most out of the opportunity – I felt I needed to be guided. Then gradually, the value of being alone surfaced; “wasting time for God” was nice.

“…spending quiet time to hear and become conscious of God’s presence is the best part of the two days!”

The group identified the last two weekends of September up to the first two weekends of October as the target dates to schedule the 2017 Annual Alumni Retreat.

Alumni who are interested to participate in next year’s alumni retreat may get in touch with Ms. Bambi Chua of the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) at (02) 723-0481 loc 428 or email or

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