Dress Me Literary Parade Rocks Xavier High School

by Russell Kho (9I)
The “ODS Squad” (Suicide Squad), photo by Mr. Roland Dela Cerna (HS CLE)

Last October 28, the Xavier School High School community held the Dress Me Literary (DML) parade, a culmination of all of the literature-related activities throughout the month of October. This year’s Teen Read Week, in line with Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary, was entitled Frontiers in LiteraXSy. It aimed to showcase the different aspects of literature while encouraging students to “read for the fun of it.”

Throughout the month of October, Teen Read Week 2016 also held several other activities, including a book drive, Literacy Bingo, a film literacy seminar, a scavenger hunt, an open mic literary event entitled “LIT,” and several batch showcases.

(Photos by Mr. Paolo Suapengco, HS Eng)

The highly awaited parade featured both students and teachers dressed up as characters from their favorite books and media. From classic authors such as Shakespeare and Lewis, to pop culture novelists like Rowling and Green, the gathering was truly quite the eye-catcher due to the creativity of the participants who presented their stories and brought their characters to life.

Each grade level was assigned a general topic: the Grade 7 students bringing to life their favorite children’s stories, the Grade 8 representing different stories that featured various eras in history, the Grade 9 students dressing up as their favorite young adult novel characters, the Grade 10 showcasing the works of William Shakespeare, and the senior high students dressing up as various pop culture icons. The teachers also joined in the celebration, with the English Department dressing up as Shakespeare’s characters and the NExT Office acting as characters from the TV series Dragon Ball, to name a few. Amidst all of the extraordinary costumes however, the most prevalent one was the ODS’ presentation of the characters from the movie Suicide Squad, so much so that they ended up receiving the award for the best costume.

(Photos by Mr. James Nicolay, HS Eng)

Truly, this year’s Dress Me Literary Parade, together with all the other events of Teen Read Week, helped foster the love for reading and literature within the high school community. May the students and faculty continue to live out this love for reading in the months ahead.

Watch the Same Day Edit video of the DML Parade by the XS Media Team:


The HS English faculty, commemorating Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary by dressing up as his most famous and beloved literary characters

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