Zero to 60 – Grand Alumni Homecoming

Zero to 60.
Our Story. Our Pride. Our Glory.

Xavier School Grand Alumni Homecoming 2016
November 26, 2016, 7:00 PM, Xavier School Sports Center

The homecoming night this year will be unique. It will be a coming home to Xavier for Batch ’91, all the co-celebrating batches ’61, ’66, ’71, ’76,  ’81, ’86, ’96, ’01, ’06, ’11 and ’16 and all the Xavier alumni and the entire Xavier community.

A unique two-hour theatrical-style multimedia production made up of many acts of performance art telling the story of Xavier School has been prepared. It highlights our heritage, quest for excellence, the challenges Xavier faced and our triumphs. The program captures the true spirit of Xavier. Join us in celebrating the 60th homecoming to our alma mater and experience the Xavier community spirit. Luceat Lux!

Contact your batch representatives for tickets or call AAXS at (02) 723-0481 loc 134 or 248.

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