Jazzing Up Literacy Month!

by Ms. Kharla Mae D. Brillo, GS English teacher
Photos by Francis Ong of GS Media Team and Ms. Eden Reyes of the English Department

This year’s Literacy Month was filled with fun activities that highlighted the importance of literature and language. Lightning talks, spelling bees, book talks, storytelling, and book fairs were among the activities prepared by the Grade School English Department to celebrate with the theme, To Reading and Beyond!

Every year, the main highlight of this celebration is the parade and last November 8, 2016, students, faculty, and staff geared up in their costumes for Jazz Up Your Word-robe—a wonderful way to learn new words, to celebrate love of words, and to promote reading. This year’s parade was hosted by Mr. Julio Denosta of the Grade School Filipino Department. Students, faculty, and staff gathered at the Sports Center proudly showing off their intricate costumes and meaningful words.

Students from Kinder were assigned the theme God’s Creation, displaying words associated with different big and small creatures of water, on land, and space. Countries: Oh the Places You’ll Go! was the theme of Grade 1 students presenting words associated with different places around the world. Grade 2 students drove and flew their way into the parade in their costumes highlighting different Modes of Transportation, while Grade 3 students had Fun with Fables proudly showing characteristics of creatures from fabled stories. Chalices, scepters and staves of gods were proudly carried by Grade 4 students in line with their theme, Vocabulary from Mythology. The Grade 5 students travelled back in time, showing off words from the past with their theme, Blast from the Past, while the Grade 6 students travelled to the future with their sci-fi theme, Back to the Future.

The faculty and staff also exhibited their word-robe with their chosen themes: circus, phobia, superheroes, and world religions to name a few. After a quick gathering, the students paraded back to their classrooms to share the definition of the words that they chose with their teachers and classmates. The Best in Costume awards were given to students who creatively made their costumes using the resources available in their homes, and represented their words with conviction and meaning.

It was a remarkable gathering of words that came to life, wrapped up in the efforts and artistry of students with the help of their parents, and the unalterable truth that our capability for words and language makes us more human.

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