XCE Fujian group vists Yuxi Village in Jinjiang

On November 9, 2016, then XCE Fujian group traveled to Yuxi Village in Jinjiang, Fujian, to visit the ancestral village of the Wongchuking family. Keith, grandson of Mr. Wong Chu King, is part of this year’s XCE Fujian group.

The Wongchuking family was represented by Caesar (XS ’82) and he shared the story of his father’s roots in Yuxi Village, his migration and subsequent life in the Philippines, and his lifelong love for his hometown as evidenced by the family’s support for various social projects in the village.

Our Xavier boys had a program and interaction with the local elementary school in Yuxi, capped with a tour of the school grounds, lunch, and a visit to the Rizal monument in Shangguo, Jinjiang.

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