Two Xavier Teachers Recognized by Stanford University

Mr Martin Gomez and Ms Regina Regala were recently recognized by Stanford University for Exceptional Teaching.

Stanford University, through its Teacher Tribute Initiative, recognizes the dedication of teachers as educators and mentors, contributing to the future of students, Stanford University and the community.

Each year, incoming undergraduate students have the opportunity to nominate a teacher or mentor who has made a significant impact in their lives. Each nominator has to write a justification on why his/her teacher deserves to be recognized, detailing the teacher’s role in the student’s intellectual, academic, social and personal development.

As part of the nomination, the students are asked to write a short tribute for their teachers, to be included in the certificate should they receive the award.

Matthew Ryan Tan (XS ’16) nominated Mr Martin Gomez. His tribute reads:

Mr. Gomez is an incredibly kind and supportive mentor. He constantly pushes, motivates, inspires and guides his mentees to excel not only academically, but also as human beings. He always has a moment to spare, no matter how many things he has to do. Mr. Gomez is truly a man for others and a great role model.

Matthew was the Vice-President of XS Next Lab, and later became part of the first Philippine team to the International Olympiad in Informatics.


Ethan Zachary Chua (XS ’16) nominated Ms Regina Regala. His tribute reads:

Ms. Regala taught me poetry in tenth grade and she never let the words stay silent on the page. She introduced our class to spoken word by reciting her own poetry, giving form to love (and loss) by sharing a part of herself. Unwilling to confine poetry within the classroom, she even brought a few of us to a faraway cafe to listen to the verses of a Filipino poet. Thanks to her, I am now a spoken word poet, and long after the end of her class, she continues to encourage me at every turn.

Ethan founded the school’s Slam Poetry Club. He later co-founded Ampersand, an arts folio by and for young persons.

Both Matthew and Ethan are part of the TalkED team, 2015 Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative Global Trailblazers.

Each recognition is signed by Richard H. Shaw, Dean of Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid, and Marc Tessier-Lavigne, President of Stanford University.

Mr Gomez (XS ’99) is a Consultant for Xavier School, and is the Moderator of XS Next Lab. Ms Regala is part of the IB English faculty. In 2009, Mr Brian Maraña, former IBDP Coordinator, was recognized.

Congratulations once again to Mr Gomez and Ms Regala for receiving this award.

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